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Body Polish

Spring Skin Savers

Do you experience dry skin as the seasons change?   Here are a few of my favorites to help prevent dry skin or to help soothe and heal dry skin too!   These are all appropriate to use from the neck down. If you’re looking for options with your facecare, we have that too!

  1. Choose a nourishing soap for washing your hands and body.   Our prebiotic hand wash and foaming  hand soaps are wonderful for your hands.  We also have prebiotic body wash and 3-in-1 wash for your body!   The ingredients in all of these are effective for cleansing without drying your your skin!
  2. Next step is to exfoliate with a Body Polish or Body Scrub.   Our sugar or salt based body polish naturally exfoliates your skin.  That helps get rid of the dry, dead skin cells so your moisturizer can work better by getting deeper into your skin. You won’t need as much lotion after exfoliating either!  The jojoba and coconut oils moisturize and enhance your skin’s glow.   This is amazing as a pre-shaving treatment too!
  3. Body Icing / Lotion– We have a variety of moisturizers to keep your skin happy.  Choose from light (Hand and Body Lotion) to a bit deeper moisturizer (body icing) or our thickest deepest Ultra Hydrating Creme and Body Butter.
  4.   Healing Elements –   Trust us – you need this in your life!   This is our top selling product year after year because of its multiple uses.  This nourishing balm transforms into oil as it melts into the skin for ultimate healing for the entire family.   It helps soothe everything from bug bites to sunburn, chapped lips and baby bums and everything in between!    The formula is enhanced with the delicate, tranquil aroma of lavender and vanilla.    The zinc oxide and calendula extract calm and sooth skin while shea and mango butters nourish, protect and improve softness.