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Body Polish

Kayt's Top Picks

From Kayt:

Here are my fave products, in no particular order:

Limited Edition Mother's Day Collection and Gift Giving

You will not want to miss our exclusive Mother’s Day collection!  Are you looking to treat a mom, sister, aunt, grandma, mom-to-be or any other special women in your life?  What other gift giving occasions do you have this spring?   We also have a new special collection of exclusive products in our Birthday Box!  Any of our gift sets are a wonderful, practical and affordable treat for loved ones!

I know that the Rejuvenate Collection is one of Kayt’s current favorites too!


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True Love.

If you’re looking for a few extra bucks or the option to build big for a full time income, let’s chat. My life changed when I discovered Lemongrass Spa!

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