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Body Polish

Welcome to our Summer Spa Time Scroll and Shop!

Welcome to our Summer Spa Time!  Let’s get ready for summer with some fun, tips for summer skincare, and of course prizes!

Our grand prize: Shopping cash giveaway(s) – you choose the products that you want to use the shopping cash towards!

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Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!!!

I’m so glad you’re here!  For those of you that are just meeting me, I’d love to share a bit about myself and hear more about you!   I currently live in Livonia, NY (south of Rochester, between the areas that most NYers call Western NY and the Fingerlakes region). I have been enjoying this adventure as a Lemongrass Spa consultant for over 6 years and I’m passionate about sharing tips for natural living! My husband (of almost 8 years) and I have a son who will be 6 years old in July. We just celebrated his Kindergarten graduation! We’re looking forward to camping adventures this summer, relaxing , and a family beach trip (with my parents, siblings and lots of nephews/niece). For many years I worked this business along side a corporate job, but I’m happy that I’ve been able to say goodbye to that job and enjoy this as my full time income (with part time hours!) I’m working on slowing down time to soak in the memories and adventures this summer.

Tell me a little about YOURSELF!

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Let’s dive into summer tips and essentials below!  Be sure to check out the details of our shopping cash giveaway towards the bottom of the page too!  Thanks for being here!

What We’re About

The earth provides us with so many natural, pampering elements to treat and protect our skin.  Our products are handcrafted with healthy ingredients that heal, condition and soothe, such as nourishing butters, therapeutic essential oils, vitamin-enriched extracts and more.   You’ll love reading our product labels because you can recognize what’s on the ingredient list!   I love sharing Lemongrass Spa products because they do the homework for us, providing healthy options for all of us – women, men, and kids of all ages – and products that cover our needs from head to toe.

What are your Top Summer Needs?

As we transition from spring into summer, what are your top needs?  In this event we’ll chat about some favorite solutions for summertime!    I also love that our products are customizable to your needs.

For a prize entry, use the button below or send me a text at (585)446-3336 or a message on Facebook at m.me/schreiber.jenny and let me know what your top summer needs are.

Outdoor Essentials

How much time do you like to spend outside during the summer?     We have a few tips and essentials to keep your skin and yourself happy this season!

Bug a Boo:   Do you love spending time outside, but hate being bothered by the pesky bugs?   Have you tried our Bug a Boo spray? It’s the best natural deet free formula! It’s packed with essential oils that are effective at repelling mosquitoes, ticks, all the things! Bonus: it smells good too!

🌿Our Bug-a-Boo Insect Repellent is Formulated with skin-softening aloe, catnip essential oil, geranium essential oil, citronella and cedarwood. These are all natural insect deterrents.  It does not contain any DEET or chemically derived insecticides. Kid-safe (ask your pediatrician about using on children under 12 months old), dog safe, and environmentally friendly.

Healing Elements:  Of course our top selling Healing Elements is a must have for the season!   This nourishing balm transforms into oil as it melts into the skin for ultimate healing for the entire family.    We hope you’ve protected yourself with Bug a Boo and a safe sunscreen, but do you ever forget to apply or reapply?   Healing Elements is a go to for relief from bug bites, scratches, sunburn, poison ivy, and so much more!

Aloe Cooling Gel:  This natural soothing gel calms and cools irritated, dry and sunburned skin.   Aloe and spirulina form a protective barrier on the skin, helping it retain moisture and promote healing.   It can be used as an all over moisturizer or as a spot treatment.       Tip: Some people enjoy this as a hair gel too!

Prebiotic Facial Mist:  The prebiotic formula helps hydrate and rejuvenate skin.  Use it on your face and the rest of your body too!   The exclusive prebiotic formula with sea kelp and aloe leaves skin healthy and refreshed.       This is wonderful when you need a refresh after being out in the hot sun and also helpful if you get too much sun.

This exclusive Summer Outdoor Essentials Bundle includes all of the items mentioned above!  Please contact me to grab this bundle and I can apply the discount or provide a gift code for you to use.

Ready for Fresh, Simple Summer Glow?

Our Sheer Minerals collection has you covered for all of your makeup needs this season! With everything from tinted moisturizer to foundation, eyeshadow, lipstick, and more you can put together a quick and simple look!

These products are made to provide long-lasting wear and give you high-quality results.
Did you know that our Sheer Volume Mascara was one of our Top 20 Selling items in 2022?

We have another exclusive bundle for you featuring our brand new Tinted Moisturizer,  Sugar & Spice Baked Bronzer & Highlighter Palette Duo,  Sheer Volume Mascara, and your choice of a Lip Gloss or Kabuki Brush!

I’m here to help you choose the perfect color for the tinted moisturizer and customize this bundle to your choices!


Summer Family Favorites

This is the time to stock up on summer essentials for yourself and the whole family!

Prebiotic Hand Wash: This prebiotic soap is formulated to effectively cleanse and moisturize hands without destroying the microbiome.  It feeds the good bacteria to help wash away the bad bacteria leaving your hands soft and clean!   The tea tree formula is naturally anti bacterial and anti fungal.    You can choose any of our scents or substitute the foaming hand wash if you prefer.

Body Polish:    Enhance your skin’s natural glow with our gentle exfoliating body polish.   Why exfoliate?  It helps to scrub off the dry, dead skin cells.  As a result, your moisturizers can get deeper into your skin and you won’t need to use as much!   Think of anywhere from the neck down that gets dry when you’re enjoying summer activities and weather, such as feet, hands and elbows.  Using this as needed will help your skin to feel hydrated and happy.

Body Spritz:   The hydrating body spritz will also help to quench dry skin and provide a nice refresh as needed throughout the day with a subtle scent.   This doubles as an amazing hair detangler too!

Healing Elements:  Of course our top selling Healing Elements is a must have for the season!   This nourishing balm transforms into oil as it melts into the skin for ultimate healing for the entire family.    We hope you’ve protected yourself with Bug a Boo and a safe sunscreen, but do you ever forget to apply or reapply?   Healing Elements is a go to for relief from bug bites, scratches, sunburn, poison ivy, and so much more!

Dry Shampoo:   This is one of my personal favorites all year round, but especially in the summer!   Keep your hair looking fresh between washes with this dry shampoo and styling powder.   I love the natural ingredients and aerosol free design.  It’s perfect when your hair needs a refresh but you might not have time to wash it.   Can you guess one of my alternative uses for this?

Sea Salt Spray:   In the summer, do you like to wash your hair and let it air dry instead of adding heat to it with a blow dryer?   You’ll love creating effortless beach waves and flexible texture with this multi-tasking, sea salt enriched spray.    It has a delicious scent of fresh coconut, juicy pineapple and creamy vanilla that will transport your senses to an island getaway, while helping provide easy styling for your hair at the same time!

With this Family Favorites bundle you will get a full size Healing Elements and you can choose your scent of body polish, body spritz, and prebiotic hand wash.  Next choose either the Dry Shampoo or Sea Salt Spray or upgrade to include both!


Summer Refresh

We need to be taking care of the health and appearance of our body’s largest organ which is exposed to so so many things (UV Rays, Blue light, Chemicals, Pollution) that can damage your skin over time. Heading into summer, we often have concerns related to dryness, blemishes and more. By having a consistent skin care regimen, you can help alleviate the negative effects from our environment.
Here at Lemongrass Spa, we recommend a 5-step skincare routine:
1) Cleanse or double cleanse to remove makeup and impurities
2) Replenish your skin with a refreshing facial mist
3) Target your skin concerns with anti-aging serums
4) Treat the under-eye area with eye gels and cremes.
5) Lock in moisture and complete your routine with facial cremes.

For this event, I’ve created this Summer Refresh Bundle that includes the following:

  1. Hydrating Rose Facial wash:  Hydrating cleanser to remove makeup and impurities, with youth boosting ingredients.
  2. Cucumber Watermelon Tonic:  Refreshing facial mist to replenish your skin
  3. Coconut Rehab Creme:   Light face creme to lock in moisture
  4. Overnight Glow Mask:   This is packed with wonderful ingredients to help balance the hydration that your skin needs, minimize blemishes and even out your skin tone.  Hyaluronic acid provides youth boosting benefits too!

If you have different concerns that you’d like to address, just contact me and I’ll be happy to help customize a bundle for you!

Who loves a deal?

But wait… there’s more!  In addition to the exclusive bundles that I’ve created, Lemongrass Spa offers additional monthly specials and for just 2 days a surprise flash sale!

Our exfoliating body polish is on sale from Tuesday, June 20 at 11am ET through Thursday, June 22 at 11am ET! You’ll save 3 when you purchase 3 full size body polishes of your choice (for $45)!

For each order of $30 or more you’ll receive a discovery size Healing Elements!  As you saw above this is a must have for everyone this season!

Browse the details on my website about our limited edition Bug a Boo Refill, special savings on the Bug a Boo Duo, and 15% off our Sandalwood Collection!

Who wants to win shopping cash?

All orders placed through Wednesday, June 21 at 9pm will receive an entry towards a shopping cash giveaway!  Earn an additional entry for every $40 spent!   The total rewards will be determined by all orders placed.  I’ll choose a winner for each $50 of free shopping cash earned!

Questions or ready to shop?

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Body Polish

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